shellebelle (shellebelle93) wrote,

*checks* nope, still not dead.

So I will do some bullet points.

--T-minus 6 days for my sister-in-law's wedding. I have a pretty dress to wear. I will look stunning. Other than that: not really looking forward to it. In general, I dislike any family gatherings where my sister-in-law is the focal point. My in-laws are rather shameless about their preference for one child over the other. It's really not a comfortable situation. I also think that my sister-in-law is a little nutty for getting married at barely 21. YMMV.

--We have a new kitty! she was being abused by her owner, and hubby said that we would take her in. (yes, he checked with me!) She's another black cat. All black. But her eyes are a gorgeous pumpkin-y orange, and she's more round-y than our other cat. She's sort of hidey at the moment and we hope that the cats will get along (they seem to be giving each other space at the moment), that the dog will not get too injured in dealing with the cat, and that everyone will be comfy with each other soon.

--Spiritually, I'm delving deeper. Not really ready to discuss it on the internets yet. But it's good. :)

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