shellebelle (shellebelle93) wrote,
shellebelle93 Seriously. I'M NOT DEAD, REALLY.

Uh. wow. It's been a while.

I'm not dead. Really. I'm not.

Just busy as heck. All good things, really.

Liam has started seventh grade. He's doing pretty good and the school is listening when we ask them for stuff, so we have hope that maybe we will have a better year.

Still learning lots and lots of stuff in my Wiccan/pagan journey and it's really just...better than I ever could have hoped or dreamed. I *may* create a filter for this so anyone who doesn't want to hear about the "woowoo" stuff can beg off. :)

Dad's estate is all settled now, which is a relief. Now for the actual "stuff" part: organizing genealogical records and pictures, etc. I have a scanner now so maybe I'll scan and share some pictures here.

Still posting fic, mostly Homestuck, over on AO3. Starting to finish my Hunger Games fic over on

I have been busy with various lessons, classes, and lots of family stuff on the weekends. I've left the Episcopal church behind now--it was time to leave. I still love the church but I am just...well, I'm no longer Christian, so I felt it was time. I'll be going to our local Unitarian congregation with Joe and Liam.

I got Blossom accepted over at Milliways...gotta get her in at some point...though at this point, I'm starting to think I *may* just wait till Halloween. For reasons. Good reasons. :)

How is everyone over here? Miss you guys.

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