shellebelle (shellebelle93) wrote,

so...sup, f-list?

Quick rundown, things happening:

My son had a lot of fun at his first ever school dance! The teacher for his autism class went with him and his friend Matthew to keep an eye on them and she said they had a blast.

His birthday party is this weekend and he will be 12 on the 29th. Uuuugh, time goes too fast!

I auditioned for a musical last week! I think I did ok for it being my first audition for ANYTHING since college, but damn, my voice shakes so much when I'm nervous. I wish I could afford to take voice lessons. I feel good about the audition even though I did not get a callback. It won't be my last one, and I'm simply going to have to find more opportunities to sing in front of people. ...and practice acting. I have no idea how to go about that but I'm sure I can find out!

I am writing my blessed fingers off and having the best time ever with Homestuck. It's's the most amazing fount of creative inspiration for fanwork ever, at least for me. It shoved Hunger Games fanfic right off my brainspace, but I'm still picking away at those fics too. They're both fun but in different ways and for very different reasons.

Homestuck, right now, is the thing that is keeping me from begging more anti-anxiety meds off of my doctor. I look at fan art and fanfic and re-read canon and I cackle like Terezi, I swear.

It's not that I'm not stressed, but man, Homestuck does take the edge off. So...thanks, Hussie. You're awesome.

I don't even want to write about the bad shit--because there is some of that--because it's just...not that bad, right now.

My voyage of self-discovery is going well, I think. And also my new philosophy of "I will not tell myself I can't do things" seems to be working out. At 42, it's about time.
Tags: :d!, awesome, homestuck, i love my kid, liam, lunchtime posty thing, music, my fuckin' mid-life crisis, my thots let me show you them, pure awesome!, squee!, whither 2011, writing, yay!

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